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Legendary drummer Jon Hiseman who founded Colosseum, one of the first bands to fuse jazz, rock and blues in 1968, died in the early hours of Tuesday, 12th June 2018 in Sutton, England aged 73. The cause of death was complications of surgery that he underwent in May 2018 to remove a brain tumour. His leaves his beloved wife, saxophonist and composer Barbara Thompson, to whom he was married for 50 years, his daughter, singer Ana Gracey and his son, financier Marcus Hiseman, along with four grandchildren.

In the last year of his life, Jon Hiseman formed JCM, a trio with the Colosseum members Clem Clempson, on guitar, and Mark Clarke, on bass. The group made an album, “Heroes,” that contained music written by former collaborators Hiseman had outlived, among them Jack Bruce, Allan Holdsworth, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Graham Bond and Ollie Halsall. Ironically, the album will become a tribute to Hiseman himself.

The album features:

Jon Hiseman on drums (The Graham Bond Organisation, Georgie Fame, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Colosseum, Tempest, Barbara Thompson’s Paraphernalia).

Clem Clempson (Bakerloo, Colosseum, Humble Pie, Jack Bruce Band) on guitar and vocals.

Mark Clarke (Colosseum, Uriah Heep, Tempest, Billy Squier) on bass and vocals.

Jon Hiseman wrote…

“Following the passing of two of my Heroes early in 2017, I suddenly realised that I had lost most of the people who had believed in me and encouraged me to make my own music… it occurred to me that I should try to make an album featuring the songs and instrumentals that I associate with them all, the music that stayed with me through all the years.”

JCM began a tour in April 2018, but cancelled it as the brain tumour advanced. Mark and Clem intend to continue touring in his memory.

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